Miklos Braun's father, Zsigmond Braun

Miklos Braun's father, Zsigmond Braun
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    Emil Keglovich, Szeged, Klauzal ter 7.
My father. He was born in Regocze. He graduated from secondary school in Szeged after the family moved there. He went to a trade school. He became a bookkeeper, then later a licensed auditor after he got his university degree at the age of fifty. Actually this major had just started then, and he went there in its very first year. He even had a patent. My father was a bookkeeper for various larger firms. He left several of them because he was not willing to do false bookkeeping, as the bosses requested, so he got involved in lawsuits. He always lost, of course, because he didn't have the money, so he had a hard time maintaining the family. My father had a great talent for drawing. At the age of fifteen he drew pictures that we have preserved to this day. He borrowed theatre tickets, copied them and used them to get into the theatre. Dad was a well-educated man. He spoke several languages: German, French, English, and some Italian. He spoke German fluently and English very well too. He made a lot of drawings at home, but I don?t really know about them because he gave them away. There were a few very nice pictures of his at my brothers? place but they were lost. He painted a lot and wrote beautiful poems, he even published a book of poems. Beside these, his war diary has been preserved. And he also played chess and taught us to play. He was a very passionate player and he had permanent chess partners. My father got married in Szeged in 1903.

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Interviewee: Miklos Braun
Budapest, Hungary


Zsigmond Braun
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