Irina Voinova's cousin , Gugo Feitelson

Irina Voinova's cousin , Gugo Feitelson
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This photo of my cousin, Gugo Feitelson, was taken at the beginning of spring 1942. It was needed for some sort of certificate. Many of us teenagers went to be photographed. The photographer had a booth. We had to walk there, and it was a long way on foot. It was cold, too, and Gugo was frozen through when we got there. Not long afterward, at the end of April of the same year, Gugo ws picked up off the street and died in a hospital from starvation , during the blockade of Leningrad. Aunt Anya, dad's cousin, Anna Isaacovna Aizman, arrived in St. Petersburg from Revel in 1913 together with dad and his two brothers. Her uncle, who was living there, adopted her in order to register her in his flat, where she took up residence. Aunt Anya was very beautiful, tall, svelte. She married Victor Gugovich Feitelson and on October, 26, 1927 they gave birth to a son, Gugo. After my mother died, in 1937, my father became involved with another woman and we children were put into orphanages or sent off to boarding schools. Gugo and I were born less than a year apart, and he was in the same class as I was at school. I wasn?t really friends with him, but we played together. If Gugo offended me, then uncle Vitya took my side, but aunt Anya always stood up for Gugo.

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Interviewee: Irina Voinova
Tamara Rozenzaft
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Saint Petersburg, Russia


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