Irena Wygodzka with her relatives

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    Poland 1919-1939
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This is a picture of my family taken on vacation in the 1930s.

In the picture my father is standing first from the left, his cousin Rozia and her husband Heniek Oksenhendler are standing next to him.

My cousin Abram Beitner is sitting in front of them as are the two daughters of Rozia and Heniek Oksenhendler: Renia (on the left) and Fredzia (on the right). My cousin Nacek Beitner is next to me.

Almost every year we'd go on vacation. We'd leave the city for at least a month, or two. We'd take all our stuff. We'd go near Katowice, to Bystra, to Cyganski Las, sometimes to Rabka, always to southern Poland, Silesia.

I never went to the seaside before the war. Our more distant family would go with us, too, and we'd spend time there together. Most often we'd meet with Aunt Mania, that is Mother's sister, and her husband Tobiasz, my father's brother. They had one daughter - Estusia.

We were also in touch with Chaim, that is Father's brother and his entire family. Chaim and Aunt Cesia had several children. Four sons: Abram, Herman, Nachman, whom we called Nacek, Aronek and one daughter - Netka.

We also used to meet with Rozia and Heniek Oksenhendler. They had two daughters: Fredzia and Renia. Rozia was Aunt Cesia's sister, Aunt Cesia was the wife of my father's brother, Chaim.

I think that Rozia was also some relation of my father's, because Cesia and Rozia had one more sister: she lived in Czestochowa and her name was Miriam Bruk, I know that she was also a cousin of my father's. Miriam Bruk also used to go to on vacation with us.

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Interviewee: Irena Wygodzka
Zuzanna Schnepf
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Warsaw, Poland


Irena Wygodzka
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Erna (Eni)
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Technical editor in publishing House
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