Piroska Hamos: Lesson Plan on Post-War Jewish Life in Hungary

The goal of this lesson plan on "Post-War Jewish Life in Hungary" is to explore Jewish life in Hungary before WWII. Life in Hungary for Jews during period of the Holocaust, as well as the Communist era, will be covered briefly through Powerpoint presentation.  The two lessons will end with a discussion about contemporary Jewish life in Hungary through the use of lecture/discussion, and the aides of website, videos and publications from Jewish organizations in Hungary.  

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Piroska Hamos -- Life on the Danube

Piroska Hamos was born in Balassagyarmat, a small town in North-Eastern Hungary in 1912, to the family of Armin Schultz, a gentleman's tailor. Her mother Jozefin died very young. Piroska had one sister, Etel, born in 1912. When their father remarried, they moved to Budapest, where Piroska went to school. She started at a commercial high school but dropped out after two years when she married her second-cousin, Imre Hahn.

Imre, born in 1899 in Budapest, worked as a clerk at the Hungarian Royal River and Sea Shipping Stock Company. Imre had a row boat.

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