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Romania - 2012. How Anti-Semitic Are We Still'

Happy the author who finds the appropriate sources! And, indeed, without much trouble, the relevant sources for the issue raised by the title revealed themselves to me and helped me shape an image. The story began when surfing – naively enough – the Internet and found the article The journalist Hal Vaughan:” Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy. She hated the Jews.” (author: Iulian Ioncea) posted on the website of the newspaper Adevărul (August 14th 2012). An article like any other, nothing special, about an anti-Semitic Coco Chanel. Then I got to the comments posted by readers at the Comments/ Say your opinion section. I quote from these comments (and I do it faithfully, word by word, with the original’s missing words or commas and ortography and grammar mistakes). vasi (answering a challenge): and what is bad in ”hating” the J.ws ???”. vasile (answers): „you say, smart one, whatis good!”. Michelina enters the fight (after several hours): „Correct, Vasi. And Juws lled Jesus Christ and killed him. There’s not one single nation on this planet that loves the Juws. WHY? Why not the Vietnamese or the Tibetans ? That’s why one’s worthless. The Juws invented the bolshemism which is crime against humanity.”

            After reading these comments I knew I had discovered a treasure. The readers’ opinions posted at the end of online articles confirmed my suspicions about an anti-Semitic (and racist) Romania, sigh of a lack of education and - why not ? – of  psychiatric disorders. These opinions combine, like one of  Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings, the strangest ideas: anti-Semitic myths, conspiracies, religious anti-Judaism, the characteristic “features” of the “Jews”, Holocaust denial. And to better understand the latter, we shall refer to a book, Between Denial and “Comparative Trivialization”: Holocaust Negationism in Post-Communist East Central Europe in which author Michael Shafir presents the main forms of Holocaust denial: total denial (it completely rejects the existence of the Holocaust), deflective denial (it does not deny the Holocaust but transfers guilt upon members of another nation or diminishes the participation of one’s own nation to an insignificant group)- deflective denial has in its own right several forms: deflecting guilt exclusively to Germans, deflecting guilt to some peripherals, deflecting guilt to Jews; selective denial (that form of denial which accepts the existence of the Holocaust in other places but denies any participation of the members of one’s nation in implementing it); comparative trivialization (this form of denial either “humanizes” local history by comparing it to Nazi atrocities or compares the Holocaust to other events in which large segments of population suffered wrong doings).

            Of course, this article cannot offer a sociological answer to the issue raised by the title. I cannot give you percents (though we could get there too). I will try to offer an impression. Among the comments there are also pertinent, normal opinions. But the others … Still, going back to answers-questions, who are our subjects (the anti-Semites)? Plain simple: of course, educated people, Internet surfers, up-to-date with technology, who can read the online edition of a newspaper and, furthermore, can log in with username and password to post a comment. And this scares me. Educated people and, yet, anti-Semitic. There’s also the question of language. As you are about to see, The Romanian language is much more vast and rich than you might imagine. Indeed, any writer would like to write like this. There’s also the humor … unintended, I presume. Reading and rereading the comments I was tempted several times to give this article a humoristic tone. And I did it even though, the issue is, in its core, a painful one. And, in the end, there’s the question of morality. Not that of the “subjects” but that of online press which allows posting such comments (by the way, in Romania too Holocaust denial is punished by law; but it seems that nobody cares). And now, as always, I shall let you judge for yourselves what a modern and educated nation the Romanians are.

            After Coco I got to ”Hitler’s list. The story of the Jew the Führer tried to save from camp.” an article taken by stirileprotv.ro from the Daily Mail (around March 9th 2012). The article presents the way in which the Jewish officer who led the platoon in which Adolf Hitler fought during World War I was saved (or rather “saved”) from death during the Holocaust by the Führer. And let’s see: Vlad D: “Yes six millions let’s say...I believe the number was much smaller....but let’s say six millions Jews died, WHY are they more important than the other 49 millions who died during World War II? Haave you any idea what millions of Ucrainians died in the Holodomor of... (by the way, the website is great – one can easily follow the opinions of the others, even those not expressed by words; so, Vlad D gets the following: 14 users said they liked this comment and 6 users said they disliked it).

            After this denial by trivialization a fight starts between the ”commentators”. Aurel Mocanu: “Probably you haven’t heard that the Jews are God’s chosen people!!!” sandra m answers: “What chosen people?? Who said that??have you heard GOD saying that?? I haven’t. I am a believer, I believe in God. But the Jews and the gypsies ... give me a break” (so the gypsies too... and 3 users said they liked this comment, 0 users said they disliked this comment). Iuliane nters the fight with a melting pot of ideas, receiving readers’ praises (and their disaproval) – 11 users said they liked this comment, 9 users said they disliked this pro-Holocaust denial comment: “I like that you think, which is a v.good thing.does anyone know how many people stalin killed.how many Jews were saved by Romanians, that is the Romanian government.God’s chosen people killed Lord’s son. Itisvsure that they were chosen but by who, couldn’t they be suffering...” (deflective denial, comparative trivialization, anti-Judaism... all that you wish and don’t wish for in just a few words).

            ThePhantom cuts in with a totally new vperspective on history: “No one knows that thanks to Hitler the Jews have today a country called Israel. I take no sides but take a map prior to 1945 and look for the country. Even extremist Jews admit that “Thanks to Hitler we have a country today” recognized by the United Nations in 1948 and the Arab league not even today does... (3 users said they liked this comment, 0 users said they disliked this comment). In the Phantom’s fantasy Adolf Hitler is a hero of the Jews”. And, an almost hallucinating discovery, he is not the only worshiper Hitler’s got. Caracatita: “Heil Hitler! Oi ...this idea was a very good one taking into account that the dictator too had Jewish origin. Anyway, I don’t know whether what I said has any meaning but I STILL support Hitler (though he no longer exists physically) and I hope that one day he will be in romania too ..... ”. (7 users said they liked this comment ,1 user said he disliked this comment). Calin, Laurentiu and Andrey bring “logical” arguments for a possible - and desired -  reincarnation of Adolf Hitler in Romania. Calin: “Well yes. Considering how many abortions Romanian women have, the gypsies will “rule” us”. Laurentiu: “@caracatitra, death to the crows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Andrey: “we should speak to the Pope, the religious system he leadsbore, in the past, many similarities with the Nazism and the Jews are not the scum of society, more than half the Nobel prizes have been awarded to Jews.let’s not mistake them for gypsies, Arabs..etc”. That’s more like it. Let the Pope come, leave the Jews out of this, stick with the gypsies (that is without them) and yes, that’s more like it... ( 9 users said they liked this comment, 0 users said they disliked this comment).

            Let’s go back to the Holocaust (to the Holocaust denial) and a little bit of Math (and I admit I’m out of my depth). Ion Dan: “The numbers of the"Holocaust": 2000 days X 24 hours X 60 minutes X 60 seconds... ” (13 users said they liked this comment, 5 users said they disliked this comment). Vlad D, again: “Yes, the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust is GROSSLY exaggerated... Many people died during WWII, what the hell makes them more special than your average man?Why do we only hear about them? That is… Kayafa offers some clarifications: “in fact, the result of the multiplication is incorrect..you would only have three quarters of a Jew..so, though I hate Math..you are wrong, you have 6 millions multiplied by 30 seconds..it would be 180,000,000 Jews..about 7,200,000 more..than the resulting seconds (10 users said they liked this comment, 2 users said they disliked this comment). Now I may have understood something…or rather not.

            From this moment on, the relevant ideas being thrown on the table, there’s nothing to do but mix them endlessly. Mihai goes back to the gypsy problem: “relax, we are already ruled by gypsies, I’m afraid to think how things will be in 20 years time L. ardelean: “it’s a shame he didn’t kill all these stncky gypsies” and he gets 4 users who said they liked this comment and 2 users who said they disliked this comment. Laurentiu brings the discussion back on track (to the Jews and gypsies): “he tried, we are also trying it now but the Jews are all over us; see e.g. baia mare!”.The conspiracy cannot be more clearly proven. We cannot but appreciate the “pertinent”  comment of marius: “Great pity!!”. Vlad Puscasu draws the conclusion: “Romania needs a Hitler who can finally get rid of these scrofulous gypsies.”, but EUGEN brings us back with our feet on our ancestor’s ground where we too have our “heroes”, don’t we? (meaning our criminals): “THE CAPTAIN IS NEVER FORGOTTEN”. Laurentiu generally agrees, introducing in the equation another “hero”: “long live the captain corneliu zelea codreanu and  the legion ; what do you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

            To the end of the comments to this article the main issues are resumed. romeo:around the 80s we used to learn in History that 800,000 Jews died in concentration camps, after 32 year we are speaking of 6 millions, in the following years they will discover that hundreds of millions died, they have no shame these Jews? They were the only ones on the planet, weren’t they? a nation of ticks they and the gypsies and the Arabs. (proof that racism, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial go well together and 5 users said they liked this comment, 5 users said they disliked this comment maybe because of the ticks). Ion Dan sticks to the Holocaust numbers: “It is practically impossible that 6 millions Jews died.They exaggerated the numbers on purpose. This if the "holocaust” really existed. I’m sure it didn’t.” (total denial). Bican (with an example of comparative trivialization and a little bit of deflection) “One thing you must all know that USSR killed 20.000.00 Jews, gipsies and other nationalities!!Why wasn’t USSR condemned?”. But the big questions are left without an answer. sandu:Why didn’t Hitler conquer Switzerland ? Why was the Jewish state created in 1947 ?”.

            Let’s move on now to an article published in Capital magazine: The map of the Jews: how many are they still in the world and where do they live? (author Valentin Vioreanu, July 30th 2012). The content of the article is short and presents the main places where Jews live today. The article had, up to the moment I came upon it, 38513 vizualizations and 179 comments in the readers’ Express your opinion section! Capital magazine is Capital magazine and has other kind of readers than stirileprotv.ro website. Quality people, many from across the ocean (at least, I assume), educated people, interested in economic problems etc. Let’s start with rsss who sends to Joshua Din NY: “Joshua Din NY, may as many Jews "as I christened" stay alive.at least once someone will reduce you to a half. Maybe the American ones will remain and it is enough and more than enough.” Calvin sends something to liz as well: “dirty and stincky are you and your people of circumcized Jews, it is not for nothing that you genitally mutilate your men.....SHAME ON YOU for using MY language to denigrate my people of whom I’m proud and it’s a pity that MY country accepts you though you speak ill of it. "get lost" where adolf sent you because he knew very well why....”. pierre comes with a reply for Moses: "You don’t rule anything,but you are the virus,the germ. The infection follows you.”. (again pierre and his infections: “The most uninfected countries in Europe,it is crystal clear, are Spain, Greece and Italy. That’s why they want to get them too, it’s their turn.”). More pertinent, Birlic answers to haril: “Chosen by God? Well, they are the one who wrote the history of the Jewish people and they could say anything (The Old Testament for Christians or Torah for them). From a scientific point of view some things cannot be confirmed but the first writings found about Abraham (to whom God said that he and his descendants were God’s people) were dated thousands of years after the event and not only the Jews deny it. If you know more about why they would be the chosen ones, tell us, don’t keep us in the dark.”.

            And after these messages an Adolf with mixed feelings intervenes: “Do you believe that Hitler really was crazy when he held a grudge against the Jews, kitsch? In1933 when he got the power in Germany, in Berlin out of 10,000 traders 9,000 were Jews. Out of 5,000 lawyers, 4,000 were Jews. He anticipated a potential danger for the Germans the Jewish threat. So, he sent them on trips...would you have had him do nothing and see the brave, hardworking, fair, civilizedn German nation in service to the Jews, let’s be serious.On the other hand, Jews weren’t crazy about work but tricking people, comerce where the big money came from. In some respects I kind of like them because they held out in history, kept their traditions, customs and culture.” (deflective denial, if the authorities are interested). Constantin asks, with mixed feelings, some questions: “Something is wrong about them...I was talking with an elderly Jew, born in Romania around the 50s, lived here till 1985, gone to Israel till 1994 and returned to Romania from then on. I asked him why he believed he was a Jew? His parents were also born in Romania, in Bessarabia... Why did he believe he was a Jew??? If I go to USA ,I become an American citizen of Romanian descent...Is it all about the Jewish religion...Could the Jews be an "invention"of their priests? If so, poor them, they are nothing in the world, just some life theories...And indeed, they don’t have a mother, they don’t have a father...they are pathetic and I really pity them sometimes...Maybe that’ s why they return to Romania in large numbers because they are best tollerated here, such as the gypsies, the Hungarians, the Tartars, the Lipovenians, etc. That’s why this Romanian nation is so lucky (no irony there,we really are lucky)”.

Sceptic is also confused about his feelingse (the Jews are good but bad or bad but good): “The Jew are a nation who did not dissipate due to their religion. This is an unique thing and they are to be admired for the fact that they stick together, help each other and education is a priority. In time they became racketeers and this brought them enough problems. Genetically they must trick, stand apart, show their superiority . I, have exceptional Jewish friends. And they admit certain unappropriate behaviour but it’s how they are. They use people but they have to be frontstage after the work is done and they must take the lion’s share, if you put them in their place you have to be rough, otherwise they are capable of such unimaginable  rudeness, arogance and boldness. As for the rest, people likeeveryone else.”

Since we are speaking of “shortcomings”, let’s roll it. Danis:[...] Indeed, we worship the Jesus (Mesia) that you killed. I believe that noone will respect you as a nation, so quarelling as you are, all the time ready to start an argument and a fight, all the time careful to say how unfortunate you are and how everybody attacks you from everywhere though you do the same thing.. Comandor Gutza Shutza din Pleshcoi, using a vocabulary which we will pardon him this once proves no better: “Oi Orwell-Buffalo -Dromadary, worthless Palestinian gypsy, you eat shit with the laddle through so many nick names that you should empty the cesspit of the black Arabs who beat you wherever they found you when you made trouble. Why have your Jordanian brothers decimated you? What about the Libanese? What about the Iraqi or the Saudi people?because they know you are no more than a ping-pong ball for their national interests? Because if they encourage you too much in their own countries you cut their throats and look to seize the power? Because your Muslim brothers know that, in fact, you don’t have Arabic origins but you are descendants of ancient Cretan Greek sailors? You have no idea who the Khazars were. Grigore Ureche brings solid proof: “Lie is in their DNA. Just a few examples. The flight from Egypt was in fact them being banished from Egypt by the pharaoh. Probably for their qualities. The wandering in the desert for 40 years. It was in fact highway robbery for allthat time. They targeted merchandise convoys. Reaching the Promised Land was their infiltration in the area by killing locals during the night. Terrified, the locals abandoned thei homes. The Dead Sea Scrolls. Total falsehoods. You know the invented story. About the shepard who lost a goat and discovered in the cave where the goat had entered 10.000 years old scrolls. Nobody can gain access to them today, not even to date them, allegedly because they... could deteriorate.”.

andr007, taking into consideration how much he writes, is the biggest expert in Jews and their “flaws”. “No ,I am not kidding, by no means. In case you do not know you can find information here Benjanin Freedman Declaration (Zionist Jew who converted to Christianity) about the Zionists’ involvment in WWI in order to involve US in the war and not to reach peace in 1916 (with Romanian subtitles) look on youtube for: the famous declaration of Benjamin Freedman About the history of the Zionist (Satanist) Jews with data from a Jewish library presented by a Jew disgusted by this hidden truth of the Christian world in a 1984 documentary and also about the political events accomplished through them, about the 1933 pact betweenthe Zionist Jews and Nazi Germany look for on youtube: the other Israel  1933: Zionists sign a deal with Hitler - The Transfer Agreement About the masacration of the Palestinians by the Israeli army, about the fact that Zionista kill people, especially children, in order to take their internal organs and sell them in Israel, about the beastly behaviour of the Zionists write on youtube: ZIONISTS WON'T LET YOU SEE THIS ON YOUR TV... One can see you are ultranationalism, not hiding the dirt under the carpet is not betrayal. The truth has to be told even when it is an inconvenient one. These presented cases are solid examples that can show a panoramic image in order to see the truth. When speaking about Zionism (the six-pointed star who appears on the Israeli flag, their Masonic organizations, the writings called talmud, in fact Satanic interpretations of God’s laws, etc) believe me I know enough to express an opinion... The Jews are generally very clever (they are not for nothing God’s chosen people) but unfortunately many of them are dominated by the devil and his work (now the Christian society is greatly destroyed and many people of other nation do the devil’s work). For a very long time they were influenced by Satanismului (the Pharisees, the Zionistsi,etc.) who dirtied the souls of many of them. Sin is hereditary so the evolution of a nation is very much decided by its actions. Theft and "modern diseases" are in fact forms of the genatically transmitted sin only faith in God through prayer and humility can eliminate sin. Unfortunately modern society no longer believes sin to be an illness of the soul and accepts it under the large umbrella of tolerance. Another thing about the Jews, part of them (not all) reached in time an uncommon sexual depravation and this was a main reason for hating wholeheartedly the Christian society and fought with all their power to destroy its values. But I hope part of them will finally “wake up” because after Jesus’s return I think the Jews , that so far are a curse for the other nations, will become a blessing for the other nations (it will help them fight against sin).” OBSERVATOR totally agrees: “Yes but their intelligence is annihilated by their proverbial wickedness. And their racism.” The issue of their shortcomings ends with the intervention of Un Evreu who cannot bear it any more and admits that: “We Jews are good at business, we can make money out of thin air thing proven by old Jewish proverbs and sayings 1) Family comes second to profit. 2) A contract once signed is sacred (but only between Jews). 3)Nothing is more important than health, maybe just money. 4)A Jew with no profit is not a Jew 5) Life passes but money is for ever 6) Treat people that owe you something like your own family, take advantage of them! 7) Exploitation begins at home. Ok, the point has been made. What was to be proven was proven through a complete confession. We have the proof on the Internet. A Jew who“admits”.

            Colonel Johann S Weber offers a new perspective: “The Jews have not been around for a long time, thousands of years..Those who now falsely  introduce themselves as Jews are, in fact, tribes of Khazars, Mongoloid, nomadic race who have chosen Judaic faith to be able to claim a teritory (Palestina) with which they have no historic or ancestral link. To say that there are Jews today is like saying Romans are Dacians and Italians are Romans (of the former empire):))))) And if we and the western colonial countries created a country for the “Jews” ( artificial , it is true, built on Arab land) why not go and live in Israel? There are more "Jews" living in the states than in israel !!!!!!”. A regretful alex` says: “but for the Americans, the Jews would have perished a long time ago...” and zeus, who does not comprehend: “I prefer the Jews to the Muslims! Muslims have one perpose only, to destroy Christianity!”. Gigi does not give up: “Wrong, Muslims acknowledge Jesus Christ as a great profet. The Jews wish the extermination of the Christians, Zionism is the most dangerous form of terorism!.”.

            ... oh, but Sergio! Sergio brings us back to reality: “these interest me very little, what I am interested in is a gypsy map, they are a real problem”.



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