Janos with his father’s relatives


From the left is my father and me. Beside me is Eva and her father Dezso. Front of me is my mother and my grandma. Front of Klari is her mother Ilona. She was very sick at this time. She died short after this photo was taken.
My father's mother was called Berta Schwartz. She was born in Kecskemet around 1860. She went to grade-school there. She finished 6 grades. First she lived in Nagyvarad [now Oradea, Romania] then in Marosvasarhely [now Tirgu Mures, Romania]. She went there with my grandfather because that's where one of my grandfather's cousins - Vilmos Feiglbaum - lived.

My mother was a beautiful woman. She was truly beautiful. She was also a closed, unusually pleasant, and delicate person.

My father was a volunteer in WWI with the rank of Captain. They took him to the Russian front, and he got shot so badly in the arm in '17 that his right arm was paralyzed. Right after the War my father got into the Association of War Invalids, and worked there for two years. At the start of the '20s the Rico Bandage Factory was established. My father became the Assistant Director there. Then in '28 he got into the Hungaria Rubber Factory, which had 10 workers at the time. By the time of the Second World War it had 1,200 workers, and was a very modern factory.

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