Lazar Treiger with his wife Annette and son Izrael

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This is the family of my mother's elder brother Lazar Treiger: Lazar, his wife Annette, and their son, Izrael. The picture was taken in Kishinev in 1922. On the back of the picture it says: To my dear parents from Annette, Lazar and Izya.

Lazar Treiger, born in 1895, graduated from Odessa institute. He was a pharmacist. He owned an apothecary in the center of Kishinev. The apothecary was small, but a steady income was derived. Lazar's wife Annette was a teacher. After getting married she took care of her children. They had a son, Izrael and a daughter, Riva. When the Soviets came to power, Lazar voluntarily gave up his apothecary. In spite of that the whole family was exiled, and even worse it was severe. Lazar happened to be in Ural, where he died soon during timbering. His family was in Kazakhstan. During the war my father found them via the information center in Buguruslan.

After the war Lazar's wife and children went to Odessa. It was hard for them to live in Kishinev, as they were constantly reminded of their Lazar. Annette died in 1972. Izrael, who had worked as an accountant all his life, is currently living in Odessa with his wife Sarah. Riva became an engineer. She married a Jew called Mark Gerber, whose father perished in the Fighting battalion in the vicinity of Odessa. There is a monument on the curb of one of the villages where his name is embossed. Riva and Mark are now in Boston, USA. They left Odessa in 1989.

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Interviewee: Zoya Shapochnik
Kishinev, Moldova


Lazar Treiger
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