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This is my latest photograph. I was photographed for my ID certificate. This photo was taken in Riga in 2000.

In 1991 Latvia became independent again. I think it was natural. Great empires get ruined, and this is a natural historic process. I cannot objectively assess this process. The past seems to have been good. I was young and healthy and had a job. Life went on as it should have. Perhaps, this time is good for young people. I am old, ill and lonely and I don't care about things.

The Jewish life was developing during perestroika. The Latvian society of Jewish culture and the Jewish community were established in 1988. It provides vital assistance to many people, helping them to survive. It provides help to the people who are in need of medical assistance. The community also provides assistance to lonely and ill people. It provides hot meals and food packages, and also pays our utility bills. The society helps us not to feel abandoned and useless. The community arranges tours and visits to the cinema and theaters. We celebrate all Jewish holidays in the community. I visit the community, when I feel better. I go to the small synagogue in my street. The rabbi takes every effort to make the synagogue our home. On Memorial Day I come to the synagogue to recite a prayer for my deceased relatives. I wish they had lived to see this time of renaissance of the Jewish life in Latvia.

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Interviewee: Tatiana Tets
Ella Levitskaya
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Riga, Latvia


Tatiana Tets
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