International Holocaust Rememberance Day

With pupils from 9th class (age 14 and 15) we have researched stories told by holocaust survivors in the Centropa web page. We also studied holocaust with the help of external sources (like internet, literature available in school library, schoolbook) and prepared posters about the topic. 

The first poster served as an introduction; we presented Jews as a nation and Judaism as a religion, we also explained where Jews live today and what the main characteristics of Judaism are. Pupils also described traditional Jewish holidays and food.

Stories at the remaining posters and one PowerPoint presentation were used as a material to present Holocaust, its timeframe, causes and consequences for Jews, Europe and world. 

The most important thing was that everything was pupils work and that they presented their results at International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Pupils presented their materials to younger pupils (grades 7 and 8 - age 12, 13) and even some worksheets were prepared by students for their peers. It was pure peer education and it was very well accepted by other pupils who haven’t participated in a project. They participated in the debate which started after presentations (between pupils only) and they were much more emotionally touched as if I as a teacher would present them the stuff.