"Nie koniec ich końca, Nie koniec.", that is death in Jewish culture.

Grade of Class: 
15-16 years

This video was created for the Centropa Visegrád competition in 2017.

The film was made by Eryk Szkudlarz, Karolina Duczmal and Konrad Płóciennik - the students of the Junior High School named Irena Sendler in Lamki. It tells about one of the most important aspects of Jewish culture - the death.

The students present important places of memory of Jewish people in Ostrów Wilekopolski and they make it more attractive by a poem.

Video Competition 2016/17
Our town's Jewish history
Gimnazjum Publiczne im. Ireny Sendler w Lamkach

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Gimnazjum Publiczne im. Ireny Sendler w Lamkach
Lamki 131
63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski

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