The Students of National College "Iulia Hasdeu" Lugoj have commemorated the Holocaust

Suciu Horatiu

On the 9th of October, Romania celebrates the Holocaust Memorial day. On this occasion, as a result of an old collaboration, the students of the Nartional College "Iulia Hasdeu" Lugoj, alongside the coordinating teacher Horațiu Suciu, have joined the Jewish community at the ceremony organised at the Synagogue in Lugoj on the 10th of October 2016. During the course of the event, the Jewish community leader, Mr. Ivan Bloch, spoke to the students about the Holocaust, and the traditions and life style of the Jewish community within Lugoj. Also for the Holocaust Memorial day in Romania, the students of class XI E of the National College have organised, starting with the 7th of October 2016, an exposition of posters based on the Holocasut theme within the project "The Holocaust through the eyes of children" - the third edition. 

Holocaust commemoration
Colegiul National "IULIA HASDEU" Lugoj

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Colegiul National "IULIA HASDEU" Lugoj
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