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Sir Nicholas Winton


The statue at Platform 1, from which the children left.
The statue at Platform 1, from which the children left.

At Platform 1 at the main train station in Prague - This is a statue of Nicholas Winton who, at the age of 29 in 1939, saved 669 children by finding places for them in Britain. They would have otherwise perished in Nazi concentration camps. The children left Czechoslovakia from this train station, Praha - hlavní nádraží (it was called the Wilson Station back then). There was one last train which was to carry an additional 250 children that never left because the borders were closed on September 1, 1939. Nicky Winton never looked for recognition for what he had done to save these children. He is now 104 years old. For more into see The Power of Good, an Emmy-winning film and Nicky's Family, a film currently in theaters. In the photo of me posing with the statue, taken by my wife, I am the one without the bird poop. It's only fair. He has been nominated as a Righteous Gentile, since he was baptized as a Christian, but since his family was Jewish, Israel has refused to recognize him. The Czech Republic nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize, but while it did give it to Al Gore, Barack Obama, and the European Union, the committee has treated him like the pigeons. We need to tell our students and the world about such Beautiful Souls,

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