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Meeting with Tal Gur in Prienai Public Library

Jolita Staciokaite

Today we had an emotional and exciting meeting with Tal Gur and his parents Rachel and Mel Gur. The meeting was in Prienai Public library. Tal presented his performance "Mind Crossing" based on the real life story of his maternal grandparents. Rachel's mother and father are from Lithuania, during the Holocaust they were sent to Kaunas ghetto and then to different concentrationcamps. Despite very tragic losses they managed to reunate and start their family life anew in the state of Israel.

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Second day in Budapest- The Jewish Disrrict


Today we toured the Jewish district  with a very good guide.He was both professional and sensitive. Being at a playground where the marketplace was with no sign or anything else to remember.We discussed if there is a "right" way to remember.

Also the visit at the big synagogue was enlightning.An organ at a synagogue! Made me wonder about the different kinds of ways to be a community,what is acceptable or not...How those dicisions influence people,whether they bring them together or drive them away...




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