Margarita Farka with her first husband Ismail and daughter Lilyana

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This picture was taken in Prague on Vltava embankment in 1993.
My first husband Ismail Farka was appointed plenipotentiary Ambassador in Czechoslovakia after democratic reforms in Albania, and I visited Czechoslovakia with our daughter Lilyana on his invitation.

I married my first husband, Ismail Farka, in 1956. He came to the USSR to study from Albania, which was considered the country of  'people's democracy' at that time, like Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and other USSR allies. The governments of those countries sent young people to study in the USSR. We got acquainted at the academy, where we both studied. Our daughter Lilyana was born in Leningrad in 1956. In 1957 I left for Albania after my husband together with my child. Soon the relationship between Albania and the USSR became complicated and developed into a critical conflict. Finally Ismail made a final decision - me and Lilyana had to leave for the USSR. It was in 1961. After the relationships between the USSR and Albania were broken, there was no telephone or post connection between the countries, and for a number of decades Ismail and I knew nothing about each other!

Several years after my return home, there was still no connection with Albania and no hope for the restoration of diplomatic relations with it. I knew nothing about Ismail and had no chance to learn anything. So I applied to the court in Leningrad, stated my situation, and the court passed a resolution on my divorce. Thus I had a ‘one-sided divorce.’

My elder daughter Lilyana finished a school with thorough English study and later graduated from the Faculty of Biology of the Leningrad University. She now works at the Cytology Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. She doesn’t have a family of her own and lives with me and my second husband. 

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Zinoviy Chereisky
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St. Petersburg, Russia


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Working in natural and technical sciences

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