Ludmila Rutarova as a child

Ludmila Rutarova as a child
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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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    Czech Republic
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    J. Faix Praha
This photo was taken in Prague in 1921. Here I?m around a year old. I remember that my parents told me that I was supposed to bring a toy with me to the photographer?s. I took every single toy I had with me - a figurine, a horse, a goat and a ball... and even so, I still had a feeling that I didn't have enough of them with me! I was born in 1920 in Prague. I had a brother, Josef, two years younger. I was a very skinny kid, and my parents used to take me to see some Dr. Vit in Smichov. The doctor didn't want to let me go to school, that I was too skinny and weak. But my mother was afraid that if I didn't go to school I?ll fall behind, and so my parents decided to send me to Aunt Zofie Weinerova's and Uncle Josef Weiger's in Nadejkov, near Tabor, to improve my health. Auntie Zofie was an awfully kind woman, and I loved her very much. My childhood in Nadejkov was a very beautiful time, Auntie had a farm, and it was really swell there.

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Interviewee: Ludmila Rutarova
Dagmar Greslova
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Prague, Czech Republic


Ludmila Rutarova
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