Leon Segal

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This is my brother-in-law Leon Segal dressed in the Romanian military uniform. We were together in the death train that left Iasi for Podu Iloaiei.

After the first days in Podu Iloaiei passed, we were given a postcard to write on. And the first thing I wrote was this: ‘My dear ones, you cannot imagine the things I had to go through until...’ and I stopped and thought, ‘Man, what are you writing about?!’ I took another postcard and I wrote: ‘My dear ones, I have arrived safely in Podul Iloaiei. All the best, Iancu.’ Both I and my brother-in-law Leon Segal wrote the same. My sister got the postcard a few days later and learned that he was alive. My father had heard how many people had died there and counted me among the dead, delivered all the prayers that should be delivered for the dead and got my postcard only a week later. 

My elder sister Sofia got married in 1938. Her husband Leon Segal managed to make his way to chief accountant of the Penicilina Factory in Iasi. So, he took care of the others as well. They left for Israel in 1982. He had already retired when they left.

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Interviewee: Iancu Tucarman
Cosmina Gusu
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Bucharest, Romania


Leon Segal
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