Hana Gasic's aunt Kristina Montiljo and her daughters

Hana Gasic's aunt Kristina Montiljo and her daughters
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    Country name at time of photo:
    Kingdom of Yugoslavia, pre 1941
    Country name today:
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is my father's brother's wife Kristina with her daughters. Makica is on the left and Evica on the right. Krisitina was a non-Jewish Slovenian woman. My grandmother Klara called her "Sogorica" a Croatian phrase of German orgins, a term of affection meaning "sister-in-law." The two of them got along but there was no great affection between them. Kristina and her daughter were saved by her mother, a Slovenian woman. After the war they lived in Sarajevo.

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Interviewee: Hana Gasic
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Sarajevo, Bosnia


Kristina Montiljo
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Makica Montiljo
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