Contemporary photograph of Petr Weber taken in Brno

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    Czech Republic
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    Czech Republic
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    Zuzana Strouhova

When they elected me in the next electoral period as well, I said that it's the last time, that if I was to be elected one more time, I'd consider it to be a personal failure, that I didn't manage to find and prepare a suitable successor. This I more or less adhered to, even though I was still "left with" the function of vice-president. I was president for 8 years before that. My family didn't look at my presidency very positively, and doesn't. For one for reasons of time, thanks to it I'm very often away from home and that at the most varied times, and for another my wife has a markedly different opinion from me on a number of things in the affairs of the Jewish community.

I myself felt already back then, and feel to this day, that my work at the Jewish community is a bit like the repayment of an old debt. But it's hard for me to evaluate something myself. What's more, it's also a certain enrichment for me. Perhaps primarily in that a person sees at least some sort if tiny furrow plowed behind him. That yes, let that be my reward. But it's terribly hard, hard because working with people is hard. And a person perceives that only once when he's in an executive function and has to make decisions. And he's got to decide against this person and for this one, and next time the other way around. Truly, especially complex decisions? Certainly there were. And not in all of them am I convinced that I decided correctly. But there's another thing that's worse than to decide incorrectly, and that's to not decide at all.


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Interviewee: Petr Weber
Zuzana Strouhova
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Brno, Czech Republic


Petr Weber
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after WW II

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