Since 2000, Centopa has collected 1.200 life stories of Holocaust survivors in Central and Eastern Europe, and we digitized more than 20.000 private photographs that our interviewees shared with us. From this unique database, we created several exhibitions based on these stories of Jewish life. 

Our first exhibition on our Bulgarian stories was printed in 2005 in honor of the 100th birthday of Nobel Prize winning novelist Elias Canetti.

Our latest exhibit, Survival in Sarajevo (1992-1995), premiered in 2012 in the US, in English, and has traveled to different locations since. We have now also produced a German/English version of the Sarajevo exhibit, which opened in May 2013 at the Brigittenau Gymnasium in Vienna. This exhibition has nine panels, each three meters long. The panels cannot be placed against the wall because the exhibition is printed on both sides of each panel.

Our exhibition "Jewish Witness to a Polish Century", printed in English and Polish, was completed in 2012, and has travelled through various libraries, cultural centers and schools throughout Poland. In Israel, the exhibition is also available in Hebrew/English. This exhibition has nine panels, each 3 meters long, and printed double-sided.


Further exhibitions that are available upon request:

Centropa's Linz09 exhibition, "The Library of Rescued Memories" with more than 110 roll-up posters based on our pictures and stories from 15 countries, printed both in German and English.

Centropa's Romanian stories, "Jewish Witness to a Romanian Century" originally created for Sibiu07, includes 89 posters, consisting of pictures and information from Centropa's database, which is available in English and Romanian.

Centropa's Hungarian exhibition, "Stories from a family album" opened up in 2012, with nine panels, each 3 meters long, and printed double-sided, and is available in Hungarian and English.

Also, our Lithuanian exhibition, "The Jewish World of Yesterday, the Hope of Today", which was unveiled in 2012, has eight panels, each 3 meters long, printed double-sided, and is available in Lithuanian and English.

For more information on Centropa's exhibitions, go to http://www.centropa.org/exhibitions

To request an exhibition to come to your school, library, or cultural center, contact our office at: office@centropa.org

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