Jayne Cohen képe

Seder in American South: A Gefilte Gumbo

Jayne Cohen

Pecans and a shot of Jack Daniels stirred into haroset. Smothered greens with schmaltz and griebenes. Creole matzoh balls simmered in the gumbo.

Sounds like the inventive Seder menu of a hipster chef on Orchard Street or some bistro in Bushwick, Brooklyn? But dishes like these—many co-created with African-American cooks and caterers--have been savored at Jewish Passovers in the American South for generations.


The Moldovan Jewish Family Album

13 Panels, 150x200

The bilingual (Russian/Romanian) Centropa exhibition “The Moldova Jewish Family Album” is based on our 24 interviews with Jewish Holocaust survivors from Moldova and on almost 400 digitized old family pictures and documents. Through their pictures and stories, we have preserved the memory of a lost Jewish world.

Contact: Fabian Rühle



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