Grandma Pickova with her grandchildren

On this photograph is my grandmother Anna Pickova and my brother Hanus, he's that little baby in the blanket, and my cousins Eva and Vera. The photo is from a time when I wasn't even born yet, from the year 1928 and is most likely taken in our Prague apartment. Grandma Pickova is the only one of my grandparents who I still faintly recall. But really only very faintly; she died when I was three. She lived in Ledec nad Sazavou and besides my mother had another four children.

Alois Brod

This is my grandfather, Alois Brod, the father of my father. Unfortunately I didn't know him, he died before I was born, sometime in the first half of the 1920s. And most of what I do know about him, I know from Mrs. Anna Kopska, who already served with him, then cooked for my parents, and after the war lived with me and raised my daughter.

Asaf Auerbach and his family at a concert in honor of his brother Ruben

This is a photograph of me and my slightly wider circle of relatives in front of the statue of Franz Kafka by the Spanish Synagogue in Prague. We gathered on New Year's Eve, when one of the memorial concerts in my brother Ruben's honor was held. Ruben's daughter Mirjam said to herself that she'd like to in some fashion honor her father's memory. She was discussing it with someone from the Jewish community in Prague, and he suggested to her that she could organize a series of memorial concerts.

Miroslava Auerbachova with her children

This is my wife and our children in Maxov. Maxov is this hamlet of four houses a little ways away from Josefov down in the Jizerske Mountains. After the war it emptied, because the original inhabitants, Sudeten Germans, were displaced. My uncle Franta Klemens got it, and then my family and I had it half and half with Aunt Oli's family. We always took turns, we'd be there for one month in the summer, and they for one.

Marketa Auerboachova with her son Asaf at a fair

When we lived in Dejvice, in Baba, there was a St. Matthew's Fair held a little ways away. There was this large, empty space there. And a little ways away was our school. For sure we used to go to the fair during the time we lived there. If later as well, that I don't know, it's possible that I wanted to go there as I was already used to it. This is probably from when I was around seven years old, I'm going somewhere with my mother, in my hand I've got a bag of marbles or chestnuts.

Marketa Auerbachova at her sister Olga's wedding

This is a photo that was taken at my Aunt Olinka's wedding in the 1930s. But Aunt Olinka [Olga] isn't in it, on the left is Aunt Mirjam, on the right my mother, and in the middle, I'd say it's Aunt Ida, but she claims that it's not her. Aunt Oli was marrying a non-Jew, which is why she didn't have a Jewish wedding and the ceremony took place at the Old Town Hall in Prague. I heard that due to this my very devoutly religious grandfather tore his clothes as a sign of mourning. I don't know how much truth there is in this; he continued to have a very nice relationship with his daughter.

Asaf Auerbach with his brother Ruben

This is my brother Ruben and me, I'm on the right in the pool. The photo was taken in Mokropsy, where Grandma and Grandpa had a cottage. But what you can see in the photograph isn't their house, it's someone else's villa. Grandpa used to call Mokropsy Nasshunden and he and Grandma used to go there on the weekends. As the photo shows, we sometimes used to go there to be with them.


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