Arnost Brod

These are two photographs of my father, as he's walking along Wenceslaus Square in Prague. It might have been sometime in the mid-1930s. They were taken by a street photographer, there used to be many of them in Prague. They would wander the streets and take pictures of people, who could then come to their studio to pick up the picture. The largest number of them used to always be around the Main Train Station, because when someone arrived in Prague, they of course wanted to have a souvenir of the visit. Today it's not like that any more, everyone has his own camera.

Arnost Brod and his wife Olga at a Jewish celebration

This photograph was taken on 5th December 1937 in a large hall at the Auto Club, and in it are my parents, Arnost Brod and Olga Brodova, together with some friends of theirs. I don't know what the celebration was for, perhaps Chanukkah, the others were most likely also Jews. At home we never celebrated Chanukkah. My father was very occupied by his job, he worked as a grain wholesaler. He had very little free time, I don't remember much about his social life.

Toman Brod and his wife Libuse

This is one photograph from an artistic series made by one photographer. It was taken in the 1980s at Na Frantisku in Prague. My wife Libuse was (and is) very beautiful, in fact they used to photograph her as a model, so that's why she became quite well-known among photographers. In the 1980s, when the photograph was taken, the regime had started to gradually collapse. Expressions of dissatisfaction with it increased, be they civic activities such as for example Charter 77, or demonstrations against the regime, which especially multiplied at the end of the 1980s.

Sarka Brod-Hyland

This is my daughter Sarka Brod-Hyland. The photo is from the year 1963, she was nine then. We were on vacation at the ruins of the castle Potstejn in Eastern Bohemia. We would go on vacation for three or four weeks, mainly in Bohemia, because it was the easiest, or we would send our daughter to some friends out in the country, so she wouldn't have to be in Prague during the summer, and then we would travel to see her. In the 1960s we managed about two or three times to go to Bulgaria or Yugoslavia, to the sea.

Toman Brod with his friend

This photograph was taken in the summer of 1948 on a farm in Hostimice near Prague, where I was spending summer holidays with my friend Jiri Vidensky, who is with me in the picture. When I returned home after the war, I basically didn't have anyone here, none of my pre-war friends. So I hung around a lot with a friend of my brother's, his name was Josef Engst and we spent almost every day together, we played chess and so on... Josef introduced me to his other friends, we used to go out together, to social events, on various trips.


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