Irma Fingerova and her relatives

These are my mother's relatives. First on the right is her mother, Irma Fingerova. Sitting beside her is my great-grandmother, or Grandma Irma's mother, and then her sister. Beside her is the mother of the husband (Otto Sgall) of their youngest daughter Marie, Mrs. Sgall. At the far left is another sister of my great-grandmother, and beside her could be, I figure, her husband, but I'm not sure. My great-grandmother had three sisters: Olga, Terezia, Zdena. But I'm not able to say for sure which is which in the photo.

Josef Bruml with his wife Eli

This is a photograph of Uncle Pepa (Josef Bruml), my mother's brother, and his wife Eli, nee Segerova; it was taken in December of 1954. Because they left Czechoslovakia still before 1948, they used to get permission and could visit here during Communist times as well.

Besides my mother, my grandmother and grandfather also had three sons, of whom Benedikt and Jan were twins born in 1896 or 1897. Josef, who they called Pepa, was a year older than my mother, so born in 1893.

Viera Slesingerova with her mom Helena Pollakova and a relative

This picture was taken in 1939 in Prague, on the terrace of our apartment on Horni Stromky Street. We were sunbathing there. I am the one sitting in striped clothes, my mom Helena Pollakova, nee Paszternak is standing behind me and beside me there is Marie, daughter of one of my dad's cousins. The picture was taken by Marie's husband.


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