Eva Duskova with her parents Marketa Freyova and Viktor Frey

In this photo I'm with my parents, again by our house, probably in the year 1938. Most likely my father, Viktor Frey, took the picture using a time release. I don't remember anything unusual in connection with this photo, only that I had a dress like Shirley Temple. Back then they were showing films in which she played. I probably yearned for them very much.

Eva Freyova with her grandparents Hermina Freyova and Julius Frey

In this photo I'm with Grandma Hermina (Freyova) and my grandfather (Julius Frey) in front of a gazebo in the garden - it stood on the right from the house. Later the Communists tore this gazebo down. My mother's father, Rudolf Finger, had it built for my mother and her sister Marie in the year 1934. Both of them lived there with their families. We moved there in 1934 from Pilsen.


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