dagmar lieblova

Dagmar LieblovaPrague, Czech Republic

Dagmar Lieblova
Prag, Tschechien

Dagmar Lieblova wohnt zusammen mit ihrem Mann in einer wunderschönen Wohnung in einer neuen Prager Wohnsiedlung. Das Interview fand in ihrem gemütlichen Wohnzimmer – voll mit alten Familienmöbeln und Büchern – statt. Frau Lieblova ist eine sehr sympathische Person – wie ihr Mann auch. Sie ist auch eine sehr angesehene und elegante Frau, dessen viele Tätigkeiten und Energie bewundernswert sind.



Contemporary photograph of Petr Weber taken in Brno

When they elected me in the next electoral period as well, I said that it's the last time, that if I was to be elected one more time, I'd consider it to be a personal failure, that I didn't manage to find and prepare a suitable successor. This I more or less adhered to, even though I was still "left with" the function of vice-president. I was president for 8 years before that. My family didn't look at my presidency very positively, and doesn't.

Most likely Petr Weber's grandmother, Zissl Königsberg

This is most likely a photograph of my grandmother Zissl Königsberg, mother of my mother, Lola Preiss, née Königsberg. When this photograph was taken, I don't know, but according to  the label it was in Karlovy Vary. Karlovy Vary was a place where mainly Polish Jews liked to go visit. I also got to know Karlovy Vary, while I was still a child, because my stepsister got married and lived there for some time.

Valerie Neumannova

The photograph shows my mother Valerie Neumannova, nee Tausig. It was taken at the Steiner photo studio in Jihlava in the 1930s.

My mother's native tongue was German. She went to high school in Jihlava. Mother was as a modern woman who dressed very well; she had her dresses custom-tailored. She never wore make-up. She didn't need it, as she was very pretty. She had black hair and hazel eyes.


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