Who we are

Centropa is a non-profit, Jewish historical institute dedicated to preserving 20th century Jewish family stories and photos from Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and disseminating these stories and photos through films, books and exhibitions.

Our main office is in Vienna. We also have offices in Budapest, Berlin and Washington DC.

In July, 2012, The Israel Broadcasting Authority produced a five minute report on Centropa and our Summer Academy. Click here to watch it.

Centropa is registered as a 501c3 in the United States, a KHT and foundation in Hungary, and a Verein in both Austria and Germany. Click here to view our tax-exempt papers online. For US donors, our annual 990 IRS tax returns are available here: (year 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 20132014)

You can download our latest Annual Report here



Our team

Edward Serotta

Edward Serotta


Edward Serotta is a journalist, photographer and filmmaker specializing in Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Edward has worked in Central Europe since 1985. Between 1996 and 1999, he produced three films for ABC News Nightline. Edward has published three books - Out of the Shadows, Survival in Sarajevo and Jews, Germany, Memory. He has contributed to Time Magazine, The L.A.Times, The Washington Post, and other outlets. Ed founded Centropa in 2000.

Wolfi Els

Wolfgang Els


Wolfi hails from a small wine village in the Wienerwald, where he plays bass in a rock band we cannot bear to listen to.  Wolfi studied filmmaking and is our chief filmmaker, sound engineer and sometimes graphic designer.

Fabian Ruehle

Fabian Ruehle

Education Director Europe

Fabian Rühle is our European Education Director, developing materials and running seminars for teachers all over Europe. He grew up in East Berlin but emigrated with his family to West Berlin in 1988. He joined Centropa in 2008.  Fabian is also our liaison for European governments and foundations, and he coordinates our fundraising in Europe. In 2015, he opened our new Berlin office.
Fabian has a Masters Degree from the Free University of Berlin and Rutgers University, New Jersey in History. Prior to joining Centropa, he worked for the American Jewish Committee Berlin.

Lauren Granite

Lauren Granite

US Education Director

Dr. Lauren Granite directs our US educational programs. Before joining the Centropa staff, she spent more than a dozen years teaching Jewish history in colleges, Jewish day schools and congregational schools.  As a teacher, Lauren created our first cross-cultural projects with Berlin and Budapest.  And since 2010 she has been building our network of Jewish day and congregational schools; expanding into public, parochial and charter schools; running workshops and seminars; mentoring teachers; writing lessons and projects; and establishing teacher advisory teams to advise us about Centropa curricula. 

Marcell Kenesei

Marcell Kenesei

Hungary office

Marcel Kenesei learned he was Jewish when his parents brought him, age 14, to the Lauder Foundation school in Budapest. Since then he's been a camper and counselor at Jewish camp, and received a master's degree from Paideia, the prestigious Jewish studies institute in Stockholm.  Marcell oversees our Hungarian public school program and is in charge of our network of European Jewish schools.

Bence Lukács

Tech Director

Bence had started to work as a freelancer web-developer after he spent some
years in the business as a full time programmer. Now, based in Budapest,
he is responsible to keep Centropa's technical equipment and online
infrastructure checked, and come up with solutions where there is space
for improvement.    

Tanja Eckstein

Tanja Eckstein

Coordinator Cafe Centropa

Tanja, our chief interviewer grew up in East Germany and moved to Vienna in 1984.  Tanja joined Centropa as an interviewer in 2002 , and since then she has conducted more than 70 interviews in Austria and another three in Israel. In 2006, she started our Vienna Cafe Centropa social club, which brings together our elderly interviewees once a month to enjoy a lecture, social program or a festive Jewish holiday meal. 

Veronika Doppelreiter

Veronika Doppelreiter


Veronika Doppelreiter has been Centropa's stalwart bookkeeper since 2000 and we can barely get by a day without her. Veronika was born in Brazil and worked as a  bookkeeper for El Al Airlines and other companies before coming to work with us.

Esther Cotoarba

Esther Cotoarba

Education Coordinator

Esther Cotoarba was born in the Netherlands but grew up in Sighisoara, Romania where she attended a German high school. She then studied Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, where she graduated in 2012. She is currently doing a Master's degree in Jewish Studies at the University of Vienna. At Centropa, Esther digitizes our interviews and also helps creating a Romanian reader based on the Centropa interviews.

Borbála Pál

Coordinator Centropa Jewish Network

Borbála Pál studied sociology at ELTE (Hungary) and later received her master's degree in Nationalism Studies at Central European University. Her main research interests are Jewish identification and prejudices. She also volunteers for Haver Foundation, an organization that aims to combat antisemitism among Hungarian secondary school students. At Centropa, she is coordinating the Centropa Jewish Network.

Szilvia Czingel

Cafe Centropa, Hungary

Szilvia is helping our Hungarian director Marcell Kenesei with the organization of the Budapest Cafe Centropa, which meets six times a year and brings together our interviewees from Budapest.

Marko Dimitrijevic

Centropa Coordinator for Serbia

Daniela Sterjova

Centropa Coordinator for Macedonia

Damjan Snoj

Centropa Coordinator for Slovenia

Gintarė Liorančaitė

Centropa Coordinator for Lithuania

Nance Adler

Centropa Jewish Network Coordinator, North America

Nance Adler is a teacher at the Jewish Day School of Metro
Seattle. For Centropa, she coordinates the Centropa Jewish Network
(CJN) in North America, and she is also the coordinator of the CJN
video competition - Family History film projects.


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